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graphic by Auntie Barb




Dianne’s Natural World

~ written by Ken DiPrete ~



There’s a place in the heartland

Where corn grows so tall

And the night sky is lit up with stars

An abundance of creatures you might come across

All sharing a place they had heard

It was peaceful, it was friendly

There was food to be found

A place called Dianne’s natural world.


There are birds of all feathers

Flocked in the trees

And the deer lie in tall grass nearby

The goat is so timid he’ll never stray

He’s happy with his own little home

In Dianne’s natural world.


Acrobat squirrels are desperate for food

There are chipmunks and fat groundhogs too

The birds drop their seeds and the rabbits will feed

And that rat he still won’t take the cheese

Cause he’s found his own place in the space

Of Dianne’s natural world.


The dogs don’t run wild so as not to defile

The flow of all they can observe

But they play and they tease

And they run happily

In the midst of Dianne’s natural world.


There’s a whole gang of prairie dogs thriving inside

Rescued from lives that had hurt

Now they’re with friends and her love and her pride

Centerstage in Dianne’s natural world.


Don’t you wish that you had some place you could go

Where there was no threat just to be

A place you could cope; for gathering hope..

A place like Dianne’s natural world.




My Big Sister's Battle

written by Jeff Charland


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