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 Yes Jaye.. I think many more chapters will indeed be written on these very special animals.

 From Prairie Dog Lovers Forum


I did a lot of homework about these little dickens before I ever brought them home.

I made sure I had the right cages, plenty of clean old t-shirts for bedding, proper water bottles, tubing, hiding places, exercise wheels, where to get the best foods, what to look for in a Vet, the list just seemed to go on and on and at times I wasn't sure I would ever learn enough to comfortably share my home and heart with them.

However, I did take the big step and got myself a few PD's, and since I have had them I learned that the care sheets and books did not tell everything there was to know.  I guess, in all fairness, that it would be impossible to cover all of the bases.

These are some of the things that I learned as I went along:

Most of you probably know that the average PD can throw the hay out of the cage about 4-6 times faster than you can vacuum it up?, and that the favorite time to do so is either as you are pulling the plug on the  vacuum to put it away, or 5 minutes before your guests arrive for the evening. (Leaving your home always looking like a manger).

There are several categories of the olympics that the PD likes to excel at, and they practice and hone these skills non-stop.  Some are more amusing than others.

Some are open to all ages and sexes, these include nesting.  They seem to be forever in search of the perfect nesting materials, these include, but are not limited to,  the odd sock that has been missing for months that they drag out from under the dresser.  The Christmas wrap that is stored in the utility room in a container made especially for this purpose. (Trust me on this one folks, they are not PD proof).  The great blouse that you looked for in every store in the mall, that perfectly matched the slacks you have yet to wear.  How do they get to these things you ask?  They wait till you have the outfit laid out on the bed for that special evening, and leave the sleeve dangling just ever so slightly over the edge of the bed.  And then you make the mistake of turning your back on them.....they are also partial to the dirty clothes in front of the washer on wash days, but I won't get into any more detail than that. Of course they gather all of these items together while the clean t-shirts you purposely put in there remain untouched.

There are also a few events that are only open to the males, the reason will soon become obvious.  I'm sure you guys have all written your names in the snow. (I remember when I was much younger, my brother and his friends spent the night in the neighbors club house.  As I was getting my breakfast cereal from the kitchen cupboard,  I saw my brother and 3 of the neighborhood guys, lined up at the back of the club house, yep, watering the lawn, and I know they were going for both distance and accuracy).  They got nothin' on my two guys, I swear they can hit a target dead center from fifty paces.

Then there is the poop toss, now I know that this event is open to both the guys and gals, but in all honesty, the girls cannot pass muster with this one.  Do you know how embarrassing it is to dig for change in your jacket pocket in a grocery line and come up with a tid bit or two?  I swear, I don't know how they did it, and they ain't talking.

And they just barely touch on the fact that these little buggers get into your heart and just won't let go.

These of course, are just my thoughts, but I think a chapter should be added.